PQD (Para Quinone Dioxime) is a non-sulphur vulcanizing agent for synthetic elastomers. It is used extensively for rapid curing of butyl stocks requiring heat resistance. Butyl of this type is used to fabricate high voltage wire and cable products, moulded electric components, and heat resistant seals & hose. 

PQD has also been used as part of the curative system for liquid butyl elastomers.  These compounds are formulated as coatings, sealants and electrical encapsulants. The proper choice of PQD and a co-curative, such as lead dioxide or tertiary-butyl perbenzoate, will effect room temperature curing.

PQD also functions as a curative for Ethylene Propylene Terpolymers (EPDM). Improved heat aging properties are of particular significance with EPDM elastomers.

PQD is used in Automobile and Cycle Tyre & Tube manufacturing industries, Electrical & Telephone cable manufacturing industries etc.

Also knows as:

  • Actor Q
  • Benzoquinone Dioxime, 1,4-Benzoquinone Dioxime, Dioxime P-Benzoquinone, P-Benzoquinone Dioxime 
  • 2,5-Cyclohexadiene-1,4-Dione, Dioxime, Dioxime 2,5-Cyclohexadiene-1,4-Dione, Dioxime 1,4-Cyclohexadienedione
  • P-Quinone Dioxime, Para-Quinone Dioxime, P-Quinone Oxime, QDO, Quinone Dioxime
  • Dibenzo PQD
  • G-M-F
  • NCI-C03850
  • Vulnoc GM


  • Appearance: Dark Grey to Tan solid
  • Specific Gravity: 1.4
  • Percent PQD: 90% min
  • Quinone Monoxime: 6% max
  • Acetone Insolubles: 5% max
  • Decomposition Temperature: 223° C
  • Loss on drying (1.5 hours @ 70° C): 1% max
  • Ash: 0.5% max
  • Shelf Life: Indefinite