MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is an essential naturally occurring life supporting mineral originating in subsea volcanoes, extracted & synthesized from vegetable origin. MSM is used as an additive in many healthcare formulations and it has several benefits.

MSM is also known as Dimethyl Sulfone, DMSO2, Methane Sulfoneylbis, Methyl Sulfone, A,I 3-25306, NSC – 63345. In its purified chemical form, MSM is an odourless, tasteless, white, water-soluble, crystalline solid.

MSM as a nutritional supplement:

Sulphur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body. It is concentrated in the muscles, skin and bones and is essential for life. Sulphur is incorporated into the vital amino acids used to synthesize proteins to build cells and tissues and for hormones, enzymes and antibodies. The body can accept sulphur only in its organic form and not its inorganic form.

MSM is also known as ‘Gandhaki Rasayan’ in Ayurveda and ‘Aushadhi Lavan’ in the Siddha system of medicine practiced in southern parts of India. It naturally occurs in subsea volcanoes and comes down with rain water as part of the water cycle. It is absorbed by all vegetation and is one of the most vital nutrients acting as an organic sulphur donor in all vegetables, grains and fruits. However, due to its sublime nature, this vital nutrient is lost during cooking processes and that’s where consuming MSM powder as food supplement becomes very beneficial. MSM is found to effective and helpful in –

  1. Imparting cellular elasticity in our body and improving blood circulation
  2. Aiding better absorption of nutrients from food and boosting vitamin, mineral, amino acid & antioxidant utilization
  3. Strengthening capillary walls and healing varicose veins
  4. Assisting the liver in bile secretion and choline production
  5. Increasing body’s ability to produce insulin
  6. Dealing with problems such as allergic skin, allergies, allergic rashes, toxicity, candida, asthma, emphysema, arthritis and tendonitis, oxidative stress, constipation, hormonal imbalance, enzymatic deficiency, autoimmune diseases, hair fall, insect bites, poor immunity, poor stamina, chronic fatigue, prickly heat, slow convalescence, toothache, calf muscle ache, back pain etc.

Industrial Use of MSM:

  • As a sulfonator in polymer
  • As a high temperature solvent
  • As a raw material in pharmaceutical and chemical industries


  • Chemical Formula: (CH3)2 SO2
  • Colour & Appearance: Colourless, odourless crystals
  • Purity (G.C.): 99% min
  • I.R: Conforms to standard IR spectrum
  • Melting Point (°C): 108 – 110
  • Boiling Point  (°C): 238 – 239
  • Flash Point (°C): 143
  • Moisture: 1% max