On 7 July 1984, Emmessar Metcast Pvt.Ltd., was established as a foundary to produce industrial metal castings. We progressively diversified into engineering & construction, involing different branches – Civil, Mechnical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Process Engineering. Our focus in R&D resulted in the design & development of special purpose machines and equipments, super specialty chemicals etc. In addition to engineering consultancy services, we  invested in R&D in the field of Biotechnology & Human Healthcare.

Having developed many products of considerable promise, particularly in the field of super specialty chemicals, a separate company Emmessar Chemical Industries Ltd (ECIL) was promoted and a multi-product manufacturing factory was built. We commenced development of D2EHPA (Octile Phosphoric Acid) for High Purity Metal Extraction in Hydrometallugry mainly for Atomic Energy Commission, India.

On 29 Sep 1994, Emmessar Metcast Pvt. Ltd. became Emmessar Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. We commenced design and fabrication of special purpose machines for engineering & chemical industries including ECIL. We then built another modern factory for manufacturing ‘Electronic Grade Sulphuric Acid’ that is used in the manufacture of multilayer PCBs and electronic chips for Electronics Industry.

On 14 Dec 1994, we went for a public issue of Emmessar Chemical Industries Ltd (ECIL) and we got an overwhelming response. Our public issue got over-subscribed by 37 times.

Our intense focus in research & development resulted in development of many Specialty Chemicals for Agriculture, Micro Nutrients for Plants, Animals & Humans, Non Sulfur Vulcanizing Agents for natural & synthetic rubber, feed stock for hi-tech adhesives, Construction Chemicals etc. The products included MSM, DMG, TMG, TEP, TMP etc.

On 15 Jan 1996, ECIL’s R&D was recognized by Department of Science & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi. Unfortunately, on 14 Oct 1997, a major fire accident struck ECIL factories and reduced them to ashes. It took us the next 7 years to clear all the debts with financial institutions.

On 5 Oct 1998, we started partnership  with Karl Loren, the founder of Vibrant Life. Karl was a world renowned oral chelation therapist for heart diseases. He was also the father of Anabiology and the founder of Institute of Anabiosis in USA. This science of Anabiology formed an integral part of the development of ‘VedaCeuticals’. Watch this video, to understand the concept of VedaCeuticals better.

We started focussing on healthcare products through our sister company Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd (EBNL). EBNL is now a global healthcare company that manufactures and markets healthcare & nutritional products. Taking a holistic approach to managing healthcare concerns, EBNL fuses various concepts & principles (both ancient & modern) from Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and the Indian system of medicine – AYUSH (Ayurveda + Yoga + Unani + Siddha + Homeopathy) to create a unique set of effective and curative products.

We are conscious of our eventful journey so far with inevitable ups and downs which we withstood. We look forward to more challenges that will lead us towards serving the humanity at large through Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd (EBNL) and Emmessar Technologies Ltd (ETL).

ETL’s processes and systems pertaining to our core activities around manufacturing, sales, and export of Speciality Fine Chemicals and Organic Intermediates are ISO certified. In particular, our Quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 compliant, our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is ISO 45001:2018 ISO 45001: 2018 compliant, and our Environmental Management System is ISO 14001:2015 compliant. In its core activities pertaining to manufacturing, marketing, and export of Ayurvedic healthcare and herbal nutritional formulations, EBNL too is ISO certified in the aforementioned assessment areas.